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About CareerBuilder Investigations

CareerBuilder Investigations, LLC is a licensed private investigations agency providing screening services for non-employment purposes. We provide information and insight you can trust when evaluating businesses and individuals.

WebACE® Platform

WebACE® is our screening platform for ordering and reviewing FirstStep® due diligence reports. Reports are created in alignment with your screening requirements and investigative requirements. We notify you via email when your reports are ready. All CareerBuilder Investigations FirstStep® reports have an executive summary with flag notification for quick drill down for deeper analysis.

Customer Service

CareerBuilder Investigations customers view us as extended members of their team. We provide consultative support to each of our customers. You'll speak with an experienced investigator who can offer informed guidance.


For information on pre-employment screening & drug testing please visit: CareerBuilder Employment Screening

Associated Detectives & Security Agencies of Illinois, Inc.

ASIS International

National Council of Investigation & Security Services

World Association of Detectives, Inc.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

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